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A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on shoes Quit your job buy a ticket get a tan fall in love never returned


Rajasthan best place to visit in india AMER-fort near jaipur

not i _not anyone else can travel that road for you you must travel it for yourself lets go for travel the world . .

Thursday, 19 October 2017

travel Faro, Portugal"


                                          8 days trip from Lisbon to Faro, Portugal?


My interrail experience in Portugal has begun in Lisboa, the capital city of Portugal. It’s a beautiful city set between many hills and the river Tagus, about 30 minutes far from the ocean coast. The greatest city square called “pla├ža do Comercio”, is right next to the waterfront, and from that place start a nice path along the river, where you can sit and enjoy the view of the red Bridge. Summer and Spring are both good periods to visit Lisbon, the weather is always sunny because of the ocean wind.

 travel Faro, Portugal

The most ancient district is “Alfama” and it is full of lovely places where you can eat some typical dishes like the “Bacalhau a bras”, which is codfish mixed with onions, eggs, and potatoes. The nightlife is in mostly in the Barrio Alto, which is full of many students and young people during the year. If you travel a few minutes by train you can reach Belem district, where is the ancient Belem tower and S. Jeronimo monastery, an example of Manueline style. In Belem you can also eat the most famous Portuguese pastry, also known as “Pasteis de Belem”.

 travel Faro, Portugal

We took a very cheap room in a little hostel in via de Los Sapateiros, in the city centre. The city centre is easily linked to the airport thanks to the metro. Lisbon is full of uphill and downhills, so it is hard to lose yourself! All the building are covered by thousands of coloured tiles, with a different design on every facade. If you walk in Lisbon you must take a stop and visit the Ginha bar, a little place where you can taste the local liquor made of cherries. If you love wine, there are a lot of tavern where you can drink a lot of kind of Porto, a sweet red wine.

 travel Faro, Portugal

Near Lisbon there’s a little town called Sintra, situated between some hills. We reached it by train and we took a long walk through gardens and woods and finally reached one of many monuments, the Palacio do Pena, that was the royal residence when Portugal was still a monarchy. That palace was so colourful and strange, but from the top of his towers you can enjoy a beautiful view.



After four days spent in Lisbon, we took a train to Lagos, a little sea town in the Algarve region. The train wasn’t so comfortable (it reminds me trains in south Italy) but after a stop in Tunes, we took the second train towards Lagos. There we found a beautiful cliff on the ocean, and between those cliffs, we saw many little beaches. The ocean was very rough, so it wasn’t easy to take a bath. We decided to take a walk on a path upon the cliff, until we reached a lighthouse. The ocean view from the top of the cliffs was amazing. The town in the summer is full of tourists, and the nightlife is nice and not too noisy. There many stands offer you a boat trip in order to see dolphins, or for visiting caves in the cliffs. If you love sea, Lagos is really a good place for a vacancy, I stayed there for two days but it’s wasn’t enough in my

Two days later, we took a train to Faro, the last step of our journey. Faro has been a little surprised because we didn't expect what we found. The rail ran along the sea water-front, where there was no sea, but it was a big lagoon, with a lot of islands made of mud and grass. The next day we took a motor ship in order to

reach the further island of the lagoon. After one hour we reached the “Ilha Deserta” (literally the desert island), a little flat island with a huge desert beach (except for the seagulls). There was nobody there, and the beach was a little piece of paradise. The town is bigger than Lagos, but it was quiet. Our hostel was next to a public gardens where you can find noisy peacocks (especially during the night!) . I am Italian and I use to eat good food, and there it was really delicious and cheap! So I was satisfied, and we discover a strange type of wine called “Vinho Verde”, (Green wine), very fresh and drinkable.

Thursday, 22 June 2017



                Traveling  there 

fire at yi peng in thailnd


When I pay attention to the phrase, “Girl on Fire” the first thing that comes to mind is Thailand’s Lantern Festival. Why? A few years ago I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to participate in this #eye-catching #royal #impressive festival identified as Yi Peng. for the period of the ceremony, I not only watched lantern float wonderfully into the skies, I witnessed a girl’s head catch on fire… and she didn’t have a hint until after I place it out with my hands.Here’s how it everyone goes down: 

firestorm- at- yu- peng- in -thailand

1)where I stay?

once I booked a tour to Southeast Asia with a  friend's &my brainer, we had to go! The problem for us was that getting in order was difficult and the details were puzzling. We couldn’t measure out the real dates if it was the same thing as an additional celebration called Loi Krathong or still where it was in custody. When we, in conclusion, reached in Chiang Mai the local got us up too fast, uncle, we showing our dates overlapped with the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai. It was non-sense&

Yi Peng (also called Yee Peng) & Loi Krathong (too Loy Krathong) are a festival with the reason of getting place at some point in the full moon on the 12th month of the Thailand  Lunar Calendar (typically in November).

   2.  what is famous in the greater Southeast Asia? 

fire at yi peng

Loi Krathong is famous in the greater Southeast Asia region at the same time as Yi Peng is just famous in northern Thailand.
During Yi Peng, lanterns are released into the night sky; for
Loi Krathong, candlelit hand created boats known as ka throngs are free into bodies of water.
Typically there are two main Yi Peng lantern festivals that take place at Mae Jo University – a local free that is free, and one specifically organized for tourist that costs money.
Once we measured things out, we pick to be present at the free, local Yi Peng Lantern Festival. If you have the opportunity I would absolutely advise this direction to go on save money, on the other offer, and this is a big though, last year the free event was in fact canceled last minute. I got hit up by a load of travelers anxiously looking for tickets to the traveler event, but tickets were sold out months in go forward. The irregularity of the free discharge makes it a good idea to purchase TICKETS IN ADVANCE because we get it less price 


3.)whom I captured?

fire at yi peng in thailand
Okay, now that I have caution you, reverse to my Yi Peng experience. On the day of the event, my friend and I shared a front with a group of ESL teachers to get to Mae Jo University. One of them was Jen… the future “Girl on Fire.” When we arrived at the university our group walked on a gravel path toward the fields where the main event was being held. The route was lined with local vendors selling food and lanterns (under $5 USD each) made of biodegradable, tissue-like rice paper. With every step closer, a thrilling energy repeatedly grew in the middle of the swarm – everyone was excited, excited and smiling!

4.WHERE Loy Krathong festival in Thailand?

fire at yi peng thailand

We had chosen a spot on the Coachella-sequel green fields where we were bounded by approximately 5,000 other attendees. The big, open freedom was lined by trees (not university ) charitable us a clear view of the sky and full moon. The throng was a varied mix of local Thailand inhabitants and global tourist – all range in age from toddler to old.

5.How is Loy Krathong celebrated?

fire att yi peng in thailand

6.)What we didn’t understand was Yi Pang isn’t now concerning the lantern free?
Hours earlier than sunset and the “HUGE moment” 1000 of people together in prayer and meditation as a part of ceremonies that pay respect to Buddha. even if there were a lot of tourists, the experience didn’t feel touristy. Participate in the traditional ceremonies & centering for myself to be in attendance in the moment helped to keep it an exclusively genuine experience.
fire at yi peng  in thailand

At what time it in point of fact was time for the “first fulfill” – the moment one and all had been waiting for – we gathered around lit torches that provided the blaze to light our be the owner of lanterns. every person was told to start lighting the lanterns, but to not let them go… yet. As the every second & minutes passed, the once dark field became illuminate by 100 of lanterns, and then 1000 later than 10 minutes of lantern lighting the whole place was glowing and the countdown begins: 10,9,8,7,6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1… let go!
I stared into the sky, I was completely blown away by the loveliness of the balanced lanterns: the real life 

Monday, 15 May 2017

which is the best place in delhi?


                       which is the best place in Delhi?


1. Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh  

Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh

Exhausted of movies, sustenance, and espresso? At that point make a beeline for a standout amongst the best time puts in Delhi – the Indian Mountaineering Foundation! Well known for daring and fun exercises in Delhi, the game climbing divider should not be missed! It has everything without exception you would need to do on a 'fantastic day out. 

Do you see yourself moving high tops in your fantasies, however, would never accumulate the quality it takes to do it? We have a safe yet the most audacious approach to experience your mountaineering dream. Call a couple of companions or possibly head all alone to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh and enjoy fun exercises like games climbing, shake climbing, mountaineering, trekking and the sky is the limit from there

2. Travel to  space at Nehru Planetarium

 Travel to  space at Nehru Planetarium
Exhibition halls are an old fashioned however this advanced display is definitely not! Spend a day investigating the awesome areas as well as the amazing workmanship that the city has available to its. A trek to NGMA, a standout amongst the most one of a kind and fun spots to visit in Delhi will astonish you with the astounding accumulation of works of art and models. Arranged toward the finish of Rajpath, in the Central Hexagon around the India Gate   space at Nehru planetarium

 3.Revisit history with a touch of glamor at Hauz Khas

Revisit history with a touch of glamour at Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas town has recently rated as one of the well-liked places to visit in Delhi for fun. A fort overlooking a good-looking lake, a Deer park, lane sprinkled with cafes, bookstores, art galleries and boutiques not to mention tons of behavior to get you in a flap!Hauz Khas village is a momentous environment approximately the area of the Hauz Khas multifaceted, dating to a great deal of organization of South Delhi city. It existed as a built-up village at the edge of larger Hauz Khas area, residential by DLF after the 1960s. The rural community area started getting simplified in the mid-1980s as soon as fashionable boutiques of fashion designer 

4.Light & Sound Show at Old Fort

Light & Sound Show at Old Fort

Old fort and the zoo near are surrounded by the best picnic spots in Delhi for relations& family. But a visit in the evenings will surprise you ahead of words as you take pleasure in the spectacular present of history in the structure of a light and sound show. The evening just got better!
Purana Qila (Old Fort) is one of the oldest forts in Delhi. Its present appearance was built by Sher Shah ... at the moment; it is the location of an each day reverberation and light production after sunset, in the history of the "Seven Cities of Delhi

5.National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery of modern art

Museums are an old-fashioned but this current gallery is not! use a day exploring not just the unbelievable locations but also the wonderful art that the city has at its removal. A trip to NGMA, one of the nearly all exceptional and fun places to visit in Delhi wills revelation you with the amazing collection of paintings and sculpture.
Located at the ending of Rajpath, in the middle Hexagon around the India Gate, the structure was a former presidential palace of the Maharaja of Jaipur, for this reason, known as Jaipur House. The butterfly-shaped building with a central field and built in 1936, 

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

which is the right time to visit Delhi ?


     which is the right time to visit Delhi?

 right time to visit Delhi


October to March 
is the best time to visit New Delhi. Summers are very hot here in Delhi and should be avoided as much as likely as the temperature may rise upto 45 degree Celsius. Temperatures fall a little for the period of the monsoons, but rains might basket your sightseeing plans.

summer march to june

Summer (March - June)

 summers in Delhi can be very unkind. Temperatures can soar up to 42 degrees Celsius and accordingly, the summers are not careful to be quite a positive time to visit Delhi. For most of these months, the climate in Delhi is semi-arid.

monsoon july -september

Monsoon (July - September)

 Monsoons in Delhi are noticeable by high levels of moisture and heat. Among these, August is the wettest month in Delhi.

Autumn (october - november)

Autumn (October - November) The autumns in Delhi show to be a incredible time to visit since the temperatures are gently cold and weather is agreeable.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Best places to visit in delhi


best places to visit in delhi

india gate
  1.    INDIA GATE  
India Gate was built by Edwin Latinist In 1921...India Gate is also known as Indian Army's Tomb. Know more about  India gate situated on the eastern side of Warpath salutes the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I. The India Gate permits the tourists to retrace The India Gate is a war memorial in New Delhi commemorating the dead of the First World War. The India Gate today also houses the Indian. .. The India Gate located in Delhi was division work of the royally battle Graves in Delhi India…                     red fort 2.Red fort  (Delhi)                               
 The Red Fort is a past fort in the town of Delhi in India. It was the main habitation of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for almost 200 years, until 1857.

Red Fort, Delhi. Red Fort. In 1638 Shahjahan transferred his capital from Agra to Delhi and laid the fundamentals of Shahjahanabad,