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Thursday, 22 June 2017



                Traveling  there 

fire at yi peng in thailnd


When I pay attention to the phrase, “Girl on Fire” the first thing that comes to mind is Thailand’s Lantern Festival. Why? A few years ago I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to participate in this #eye-catching #royal #impressive festival identified as Yi Peng. for the period of the ceremony, I not only watched lantern float wonderfully into the skies, I witnessed a girl’s head catch on fire… and she didn’t have a hint until after I place it out with my hands.Here’s how it everyone goes down: 

firestorm- at- yu- peng- in -thailand

1)where I stay?

once I booked a tour to Southeast Asia with a  friend's &my brainer, we had to go! The problem for us was that getting in order was difficult and the details were puzzling. We couldn’t measure out the real dates if it was the same thing as an additional celebration called Loi Krathong or still where it was in custody. When we, in conclusion, reached in Chiang Mai the local got us up too fast, uncle, we showing our dates overlapped with the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai. It was non-sense&

Yi Peng (also called Yee Peng) & Loi Krathong (too Loy Krathong) are a festival with the reason of getting place at some point in the full moon on the 12th month of the Thailand  Lunar Calendar (typically in November).

   2.  what is famous in the greater Southeast Asia? 

fire at yi peng

Loi Krathong is famous in the greater Southeast Asia region at the same time as Yi Peng is just famous in northern Thailand.
During Yi Peng, lanterns are released into the night sky; for
Loi Krathong, candlelit hand created boats known as ka throngs are free into bodies of water.
Typically there are two main Yi Peng lantern festivals that take place at Mae Jo University – a local free that is free, and one specifically organized for tourist that costs money.
Once we measured things out, we pick to be present at the free, local Yi Peng Lantern Festival. If you have the opportunity I would absolutely advise this direction to go on save money, on the other offer, and this is a big though, last year the free event was in fact canceled last minute. I got hit up by a load of travelers anxiously looking for tickets to the traveler event, but tickets were sold out months in go forward. The irregularity of the free discharge makes it a good idea to purchase TICKETS IN ADVANCE because we get it less price 


3.)whom I captured?

fire at yi peng in thailand
Okay, now that I have caution you, reverse to my Yi Peng experience. On the day of the event, my friend and I shared a front with a group of ESL teachers to get to Mae Jo University. One of them was Jen… the future “Girl on Fire.” When we arrived at the university our group walked on a gravel path toward the fields where the main event was being held. The route was lined with local vendors selling food and lanterns (under $5 USD each) made of biodegradable, tissue-like rice paper. With every step closer, a thrilling energy repeatedly grew in the middle of the swarm – everyone was excited, excited and smiling!

4.WHERE Loy Krathong festival in Thailand?

fire at yi peng thailand

We had chosen a spot on the Coachella-sequel green fields where we were bounded by approximately 5,000 other attendees. The big, open freedom was lined by trees (not university ) charitable us a clear view of the sky and full moon. The throng was a varied mix of local Thailand inhabitants and global tourist – all range in age from toddler to old.

5.How is Loy Krathong celebrated?

fire att yi peng in thailand

6.)What we didn’t understand was Yi Pang isn’t now concerning the lantern free?
Hours earlier than sunset and the “HUGE moment” 1000 of people together in prayer and meditation as a part of ceremonies that pay respect to Buddha. even if there were a lot of tourists, the experience didn’t feel touristy. Participate in the traditional ceremonies & centering for myself to be in attendance in the moment helped to keep it an exclusively genuine experience.
fire at yi peng  in thailand

At what time it in point of fact was time for the “first fulfill” – the moment one and all had been waiting for – we gathered around lit torches that provided the blaze to light our be the owner of lanterns. every person was told to start lighting the lanterns, but to not let them go… yet. As the every second & minutes passed, the once dark field became illuminate by 100 of lanterns, and then 1000 later than 10 minutes of lantern lighting the whole place was glowing and the countdown begins: 10,9,8,7,6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1… let go!
I stared into the sky, I was completely blown away by the loveliness of the balanced lanterns: the real life 


  the occasion that motivated the prospect in Disney’s twisted. As I sustained examination the lanterns I noticed nearly everyone was glued to the sky, many trying to capture it on their phones. And then I saw it! Out of the corner of my eye, just a few feet away from me, there be a large blaze. At first I kindness it was the torch, but after that, I realized it was moving. It was a female holding her touchtone phone to the sky as her head of hair was going up in the fire!  

Even with a “Girl on Fire” shock, Yi Peng was unbelievably religious and touching, which I honestly didn’t expect. The purpose at the back the festival is to reproduce on life and to then release lanterns as a symbol of letting go of negative energy, representing a new beginning. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience: visually striking and significantly commanding.

    So, if you forever head to Yi Peng (which you should!), watch out for those and light torches.


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