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Thursday, 19 October 2017

travel Faro, Portugal"


                                          8 days trip from Lisbon to Faro, Portugal?


My interrail experience in Portugal has begun in Lisboa, the capital city of Portugal. It’s a beautiful city set between many hills and the river Tagus, about 30 minutes far from the ocean coast. The greatest city square called “pla├ža do Comercio”, is right next to the waterfront, and from that place start a nice path along the river, where you can sit and enjoy the view of the red Bridge. Summer and Spring are both good periods to visit Lisbon, the weather is always sunny because of the ocean wind.

 travel Faro, Portugal

The most ancient district is “Alfama” and it is full of lovely places where you can eat some typical dishes like the “Bacalhau a bras”, which is codfish mixed with onions, eggs, and potatoes. The nightlife is in mostly in the Barrio Alto, which is full of many students and young people during the year. If you travel a few minutes by train you can reach Belem district, where is the ancient Belem tower and S. Jeronimo monastery, an example of Manueline style. In Belem you can also eat the most famous Portuguese pastry, also known as “Pasteis de Belem”.

 travel Faro, Portugal

We took a very cheap room in a little hostel in via de Los Sapateiros, in the city centre. The city centre is easily linked to the airport thanks to the metro. Lisbon is full of uphill and downhills, so it is hard to lose yourself! All the building are covered by thousands of coloured tiles, with a different design on every facade. If you walk in Lisbon you must take a stop and visit the Ginha bar, a little place where you can taste the local liquor made of cherries. If you love wine, there are a lot of tavern where you can drink a lot of kind of Porto, a sweet red wine.

 travel Faro, Portugal

Near Lisbon there’s a little town called Sintra, situated between some hills. We reached it by train and we took a long walk through gardens and woods and finally reached one of many monuments, the Palacio do Pena, that was the royal residence when Portugal was still a monarchy. That palace was so colourful and strange, but from the top of his towers you can enjoy a beautiful view.



After four days spent in Lisbon, we took a train to Lagos, a little sea town in the Algarve region. The train wasn’t so comfortable (it reminds me trains in south Italy) but after a stop in Tunes, we took the second train towards Lagos. There we found a beautiful cliff on the ocean, and between those cliffs, we saw many little beaches. The ocean was very rough, so it wasn’t easy to take a bath. We decided to take a walk on a path upon the cliff, until we reached a lighthouse. The ocean view from the top of the cliffs was amazing. The town in the summer is full of tourists, and the nightlife is nice and not too noisy. There many stands offer you a boat trip in order to see dolphins, or for visiting caves in the cliffs. If you love sea, Lagos is really a good place for a vacancy, I stayed there for two days but it’s wasn’t enough in my

Two days later, we took a train to Faro, the last step of our journey. Faro has been a little surprised because we didn't expect what we found. The rail ran along the sea water-front, where there was no sea, but it was a big lagoon, with a lot of islands made of mud and grass. The next day we took a motor ship in order to

reach the further island of the lagoon. After one hour we reached the “Ilha Deserta” (literally the desert island), a little flat island with a huge desert beach (except for the seagulls). There was nobody there, and the beach was a little piece of paradise. The town is bigger than Lagos, but it was quiet. Our hostel was next to a public gardens where you can find noisy peacocks (especially during the night!) . I am Italian and I use to eat good food, and there it was really delicious and cheap! So I was satisfied, and we discover a strange type of wine called “Vinho Verde”, (Green wine), very fresh and drinkable.


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